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Updated: Aug 1, 2018

Wamaitha is back and hopefully better than before!

It's been a long time coming, I know. But some a lot changed in 2018 and I needed to really sit down and ask myself what exactly I was trying to achieve with this website, and what was the best way I could do it.

Where Have I Been?

I moved school's over the summer and I am now a proud student of New York University. I am still studying the same course (Computer Science) and still finding small ways to spread my art in the world. Currently I'm back in Nairobi on holiday trying to figure out whats next for me.

Do you have a design in mind for your blog? Whether you prefer a trendy postcard look or you’re going for a more editorial style blog - there’s a stunning layout for everyone.

This break was greatly needed, but unfortunately over drawn and that was a mess up on my part. I can't even believe how long it has been since I last posted on here.

What's Next For This Website? Well I'm glad you asked. I'm still in school and obviously that is my priority but I am working on incorporating blogging and making art into my weekly schedule. Don't worry I did not abandon this site. The layout is very different because I felt like I needed a change of appearance for the new launch, hence Wamaitha 2.0.

This time round there will be more frequent posts, I'm thinking every Wednesdays because I just like the alliteration. I have ventured into poetry and writing short stories so those may feature on here too. And last but definitely not least my Youtube channel will also be returning and there's a lot that I've got planned for that!

Will I Still Take Photos?

Photography, although not exactly my favourite art form is still something I deeply enjoy doing. So yes! Expect plenty more photos in this site, like I said in my initial launch:

This is a Creative Space for me to be original, show off my art, and tell a story.

Hopefully you can be a part of that whole process. And I will hopefully find ways to incorporate any subscribers ideas into the site. I am always looking for muses and inspiration so feel free to contact me!

Get Excited!

From this point forward we're only going up and I have so much in store for us!! So subscribe to my mailing list if you haven't already, and see you on Wednesday!


Check out my little welcome back video!

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