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Wamaitha In The Big City!

I have been anticipating my return to New York City and now I am finally back! Here's a couple of tips on adjusting to big city living and getting back to school.

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It feels so great to be back in the city, during my time away I actually missed this fast paced life. I won't lie, this first week of classes has had me already overwhelmed and I got a little derailed with the content I was supposed to be posting on here all week. Nonetheless, I got my shit together and I'm now working out a posting schedule for my blogs and for my YouTube videos.

So during this one week of an absolutely cluttered schedule and other madness, these are the few hacks I discovered to adjust:

  1. Carry a water bottle everywhere! New York City has been hot these past few days, and I cannot tell you how much money your gonna spend buying bottles of water when you could have just as easily refilled a water bottle. The beauty of the city is almost every where you go theres bound to be a water fountain, so use it!! Stay Hydrated!

  2. Use some sort of planner/reminder to keep track of all of it. Its so easy to get caught up in different activities and lose track of time when you're back to school or starting your new job or whatever. I found that keeping a physical planner worked great for me, I wrote down all my appointments and other plans along with the times I was meant to be doing them just so I could make enough space in my day for all that I need to do. Keeping these on your phone works just as well, I just happen to prefer writing things down.

  3. Don't forget to include break times. This might sound dumb, like who genuinely forgets to take a break right? You would be surprised how much of a toll a busy schedule can take on you and in the moment you're really forget to set aside time for a meal or snack. This is important because resting even if only for a few moments to clear your mind for a little bit can reduce your stress, which will make you tons more productive when you start working again.

  4. Avoid procrastination. Getting started with your tasks as soon as possible is going to make a huge difference. Even if its just 20 minutes of your time dedicated to writing the intro to your first essay you will be glad you started early. You can't predict how much you will have to do next week but you can control what you dedicate your time to today, so be wise and prioritize your work.

  5. Have fun! You're back in the city where you wanted to be, and you have to enjoy that. Go out with your friends and make some memories in the weekends. If you stay organized, you can definitely make the time to cool off and do something you love.

I hope these little tips are useful to you and you have a great semester!

Here's a picture of me looking stressed just to remind you, you're not alone.

-Wamaitha xx


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