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Sparking Your Creative flame

You all know by now that I'm an artist of sorts, but what you may not know is the journey I have been through trying to get to a place where I can finally make art again.

And that's exactly what this post is, a few tips on getting back to your art; this could be painting, dancing, playing an instrument,.. whatever form of art you love to make but have had to push away because life got a little too busy.

Remind your self why exactly you like doing that activity

Is it a spiritual thing, did it just make you happy. Was it the challenge, or was the result just so satisfying that you cant forget the feeling. Maybe it was just a hobby, whatever the reason, you should remind yourself of it.

Reflect on some of the previous work you've made

Play those songs or videos you used to make. Look at your old sketches, read the stories you wrote all those years ago and relive those moments. That is what's going to keep you inspired to keep at it when you get busy again, just pause and look back.

Get updated on your craft

Let's face it, the world is ever changing and technology keeps improving. If you've been out of the game for a couple years some things are bound to be different, but that's ok. You just need to get on the program see what software people use now, what sort of resources are available and figure out how to apply all that to your art. This is important because you might get discouraged by the obscene amounts of talented artists out there and quit before you even start.

Accept the criticism

Again, you're going to be on instagram and find all these incredible artists, but don't let their talent diminish yours. That's for them and you're doing this for you. That being said you've been away for a while so maybe when you share your art with your friends people will have something to say. Criticism IS your FRIEND! Take the comments reflect and apply the necessary changes to improve.

Just F*cking Do It

I have a whole other post about this so I wont dwell on this long. At the end of the day there's always a million reasons you can come up with to not create the things you love, but all you need is one to do it. So even if you're tired or you have a busy day tomorrow or you really want to watch that Netflix special. A few minutes a day spent on something you love is more than enough, you literally have 1440 of them putting 30 of them aside wont hurt.

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