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Here's to new beginnings and a chance to redefine ourselves and our goals every month.

I feel like the beginning of every month should be the opportunity to introduce something new to your life, be it a project, picking up a new skill, or even something as mediocre as getting a new article of clothing. Last month I introduced New York City to my life and it has been a rollercoaster. I've been terrifyingly busy, juggling more things than I've ever have to just because of how excited I was to feel the "New York" experience. And to be 100% honest, I've never felt better!

Before moving I felt a lacking, an emptiness, a lack of inspiration/motivation, but as soon as I got here I felt like I just got launched into a 40K marathon and I actually have the endurance to keep running. There's this vibe or energy in these streets that just makes you want to keep going, to get involved, to just do more. And sometimes it leads to late nights and not enough sleep, but, it's all good because I'm finally doing things for me.

Its your turn!

So that's my challenge to whomever is reading this, find something new this month to get involved in and commit! And if you don't want to find something new, find something old, something forgotten and make it new again, make it something you're proud to own or be involved in.

So Wamaitha.com is in the middle to becoming something new again and I'm sorry for the long ass delay. But it's finally coming up the new, renovated, more interactive space for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Stay tuned!

- Wamaitha xx


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