Stay One Step Ahead.

This is the documentation for a fictional time-based phone app called "payday." The app is designed to help users keep track of their pay date; specifically users with several part-time jobs. This brief demonstration clip below shows how the user would navigate the app including a little bit of onboarding. 

Keep track of multiple jobs pay dates and amounts.

Color Palette 

Create an account whichever way you prefer.

Toggle between the "calendar view" and the "cycle view"

Initial Wireframes

In the second draft, I experimented with different colors and themes. This is where I came up with the idea to have the calendar represented by gold coins and a general count down in the middle of the cycle view. I also thought of having some sort of piggy bank/ bowl with money in it representing the number of days left. This approach was a little too cluttered and so I opted to just have the cycle around a chip in the middle because it looked cleaner and easier to interpret. I experimented with a bar graph representation, having the yellow color and the number of days written above. In the end, I stuck to having two views: the calendar view and the cycle view. 

The different color schemes were fun to experiment with but I opted a for more monochromatic palette as seen above.